ORBINOX has successfully commissioned the (6x) BU bonneted gates supplied for the Mularroya Dam Project

The Mularroya Dam has been designed with two dam bottom outlets, as well as two intermediate outlets to supply water to the river when required (irrigation, etc.). The ecological flow of the river will be assured by means of a small fixed-cone valve

The Project Scope of supply is composed of:

  • (4x) BU flush-bottom bonneted gates, (2x) for each bottom outlet
  • Each bottom outlet includes a service BU gate and a guard or maintenance BU gate
  • (2x) BU bonneted gates for the two intermediate outlets

BU gate features:

  • All gates are of the same size, 1200 x 1500
  • Carbon Steel body and gate, with bronze (gate)/stainless steel (body) seat
  • All with hydraulic cylinders
  • Bottom outlet guard BU gates include air valves and bypass
  • (3x) HPUs for each pair of gates
  • Electrical cabinets and panels for each HPU

End user: Confederación Hidrográfica del Ebro (Ebro river water management public organism)

The Mularroya embankment type dam is being built between the Grío and Jalón rivers with the main function of providing irrigation water to a total of 25.000 hectares within the Valdejalón region

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26 January 2020